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The EVIL of Christianity: An immoral and dangerous religion

March 31, 2013

evilOrthodox Christianity is based on ” EVIL “. It dwells in IMMORAL THEOLOGY – i.e. Jesus dying on the cross is ‘substitutionary atonement’: “God SO loved the world, that he gave his only ‘begotten’ son to die for OUR sins.” John 3:16.

This is NOT a ‘self-less sacrifice’, it is the immoral centre of an immoral theology.

♥ If your loved one is murdered and someone else who is innocent accepts the death sentence for that murder, do you STILL pursue the actual murderer? OF COURSE!!!

♥ If the family of a murdered child forgives the murderer, is a penalty still due for that murder? OF COURSE!!!!!

♥ If YOU live a blameless life and someone offers to DIE for a trivial misdemeanor that YOU have committed, like an accidental parking offence, should you let them? OF COURSE NOT!!!!

♥ Is it moral for you to LET someone else take the penalty for YOUR ‘sins’? NO!!! OF COURSE NOT!!!!

♥ Should YOU take responsibility for YOUR actions and take your punishment like a man? OF COURSE!!!!

The bizarre, sick, twisted theology of killing someone, to absolve the ‘sins’ of someone else, should be called what it IS… Primitive, ignorant, BLOOD SACRIFICE. NOT for OUR benefit, but to appease “THE GOD”.

The theology developed around Jesus’ execution for his perceived threat to Rome, was constructed by Roman Catholicism to support an even SICKER and even more EVIL theology. That of ‘original sin’! Where a woman apparently listened to a talking snake, so now every BABY that is born, is born with SIN inside!

NO!!! Anyone who has a child KNOWS they were born ‘innocent’. The Church’s doctrine of ‘original sin’ is perhaps the finest mind control tool ever, designed to develop fear of ‘Hell’ in people, through persuading people that they share ‘guilt’ for Jesus’ murder.

Please help spread the truth about this ‘evil’. Today’s celebration of BLOOD should be permanently retired and perhaps replaced with a recognition of humanity’s ‘oneness’… and a celebration of our social evolution into more enlightened beings.