Was Jesus a martyr?

The rule of Rome in Judea was long and grim. Many Jewish rebel leaders came and went (to their deaths). There were many people referred to as Jesus Christ.

This is a title, not a family name. Jesus Christ means ‘Savior Messiah’. So the definition of ‘Christian’ is actually ‘a messianic’, ‘someone who believes someone will come to free Judea from Rome’.

Did Christianity free Christians from the rule of Rome? The opposite can be demonstrated to be trmyselfue.

A word that is NOT generally used for Christianity’s ‘Savior Messiah’ is ‘martyr’. Were all the ‘Savior Messiahs’ not martyrs for their cause? Was ‘Jesus Christ’ another martyr? Is his death any more tragic than that of any of the previous Savior Messiahs? If he was God, or sent by God, would God choose to come down, or send him down, to be just another in a long line of failed Savior Messiahs?

I think it is telling, that the supposed ‘uniqueness’ of his (self) sacrifice, is actually nothing of the sort. It has been spun via the Roman gospels as ‘substitutionary atonement’ and so somehow His death becomes a more important and more painful death than any other Savior Messiah before him. I don’t buy it.

I think the word ‘martyr’ has been consciously avoided by the Roman Church, because it would provide a more logical alternative to their dogma of substitutionary atonement. As a ‘martyr’ Jesus would just be like thousands of other martyrs, who were willing to die for their cause. I can respect a martyr, I cannot respect a cynical ploy by the Roman Catholic Church to engender guilt in humanity for their ‘sins’.

A sin is a ‘bad choice’. An omniscient God would know, in advance of creating us, that we were going to make these ‘bad choices’ so He would NOT punish us for them. Would a ‘real’ father kill his son, or ANY of his children, regardless of their ‘sins’? Surely not.

If Jesus was a real man, he was simply a martyr for his cause; He DIED. He was not a suicidal god; because a god cannot die. If He did die, but rose again (because he was a god), then he rose because He could NOT die, so he did NOT die for our sins. If he DID die, he was NOT God, if he was NOT God then Christianity is a lie. QED.


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2 Responses to “Was Jesus a martyr?”

  1. hitchens67 Says:


  2. John L. Knight Says:

    Solid post. At the end of the day, we are still left with the resurrection to contend with.

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