Yep, several countries are on the cusp of introducing a ‘Unconditional/Universal Basic Income’, which will go to everyone to cover the cost of housing and food, everything ‘earned’ is on top of this.

Many Economists and Philosophers on the left and right have written at great lengths in support of UBI, including Thomas Paine, Friedman, Freidrick Hayek, etc, etc.  Left leaning economists see UBI eradicating poverty. Right leaning economists see UBI as providing the billions of people who will shortly lose their jobs to cheaper machines with income to buy the products these cheaper machines will produce more cheaply!  Without UBI the vast proportion of the population will have NO money to buy products… and the system will crash.

UBI will be funded by scrapping most social benefits and by placing a more realistic tax system in place, i.e. the greatest proportion of tax is currently raised from those on low income, whilst billionaires pay little if any tax.

Moving from ‘providing money to buy products’ to just ‘supplying products free’ is then not a very big step. We will move into a ‘moneyless society’ which will be based on ‘Resource Based Economy’ (RBE).  The Earth will be declared the inheritance of the entire human race.  A global audit and computerized system management will provide products to meet needs, NOT to create profit. The math has been done and under RBE everyone on the planet can have a better lifestyle than all but the current billionaires (who will unfortunately have to be taxed back to being mere millionaires).

Please check out Home – The Venus Project who’s founder, Jacque Fresco, invented RBE.

This is for YOUR information.  The answers to the many questions you may have are out there. I don’t wish to debate any naysayers, the argument is already being soundly won.  If anyone is interested in learning more then ‘Google’ is your friend.   ‘Universal Basic Income’ will take us on the first steps towards the ‘moneyless society’ of a future ‘Star Trek’ Earth.

“Make it so!” 


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  1. mschlotzhauer Says:

    Interesting article. I wonder how this will affect supply of goods. If everyone has a basic income it diminishes the incentive to produce anything. And with less production I would assume that the prices of goods will rise, eroding the purchasing power of the basic income leaving people back where we are today but with money that is worth a lot less. What are your thoughts?

    • rouxrenard Says:

      Hi, thanks for your reply. Currently, the incentive to produce anything is to create profit… unless you produce for love, like art. There will not be a decrease in production under Universal Basic Income and the reason for this is that the main driver behind the UBI movement is the increasing automation and mechanisation of all production and supply. Technological unemployment will rise exponentially as machines become cheaper than people. Under UBI, poor people will be able to purchase products, so the political right are happy because (although their tax burden will rise) they will get increased sales (the money they pumped into the system flows back to them, then out and back, ad infinitum). The political left are happy because enough is paid in UBI to stamp out all poverty and homelessness, forever.

      Stage 2 is Resource Based Economy, a future development where the world is audited by computer in a systems management process where production, demand and supply are closely monitored. As I said, the bad news for the billionaires is that they will need to be taxed back to being mere millionaires, but with the richest 8% currently owning nearly half of the world’s resources.. and the poorest half of the population owning only 1% of the world’s resources.. the current system is not only iniquitous, but could be considered evil. Millions die every year through resource deprivation. If we are to survive we must become a kinder and fairer society.

  2. mschlotzhauer Says:

    Thanks. What I meant to say was that there was no incentive for people to work and produce. Not an absence of producers willing to sell goods.
    My fear is primarily that people have less of an incentive to work creating a shortage of labor and subsequently a shortage in supplies of goods, thus increasing the price of goods.

  3. rouxrenard Says:

    Sure. I understand your concern, but all the research and all the pilot tests show that people only work about 5% less, with most people feel happier ‘less desperate’ and ‘precarious’ and go from ‘getting by’ to ‘having a lifestyle’. Please do read all you can on UBI. There is far more info out there than I can squeeze in here 🙂

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