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Ufology – How ships from the stars got buried on Earth, in a pile of…

September 10, 2016

I saw this article and thought I would share it.

It’s an interesting read. I agree that Ufology is dying, it lies buried in a pile of “1000’s of clearly fraudulent and hoaxed UFO images and videos,” to say nothing of non-scientific ‘entertainment as history’ like ‘Ancient Aliens’ and the UFO conspiracy hub, the highly secretive ‘Area 51’.

I sympathize with the writer. Ufology did used to be a serious scientific movement, but that is now a very long time ago. UFOs appeared to be a phenomenon, so why not study them? However, Ufology quickly became the natural home of the freakish, the stupid, the ignorant and the delusional. A huge mass of ‘information’ appeared. Hundreds of UFO books flooded the market. I admit I read most of them, hoping to find the truth, but the truth was not out there. I admit I even read Von Daniken et al. However, I got to the point that I realized that I had read SO much, yet KNEW nothing. There were too few facts and too much misrepresentation, misinformation, made up shit and out right cynical lies, but let’s not dwell on ‘Ancient Aliens’. I think that because Science did not find any evidence that UFOs exist, people now think Science is just covering up the evidence!

Also, we now know that although there are probably millions of inhabited planets out there the chances of anyone coming here from any of them is almost impossibly remote, basically because of the mindboggling distances involved… and why the hell would they bother, even if they could? If there ARE ‘flying ships’ in the skies I think a slightly less far-fetched possibility is that they are travellers from our own future. Yeh, ridiculous, but probably slightly less ridiculous than alien tourists.